Program Coordinators
Prof. Suhasini Gururaja
Professor, Aerospace Engineering (AE)

Prof. D. Roy Mahapatra
Professor, Aerospace Engineering (AE)

Prof. Dinesh Harursampath
Professor, Aerospace Engineering (AE)

Dr. M. R. Bhat
Professor, Aerospace Engineering (AE)

Contact us:
Course Coordinator:
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Shrivastava
CeNSE, IISc, Bengaluru-560012
Tel: 080-23603281, 23600209
Email: sanjeevs@iisc.ac.in


Participants list for STIP 2019 program is available here.
Program Schedule for STIP 2019 program is available here.

Introductory Training Course in Advanced Materials & Composites

17 Feb - 02 Mar 2019

Last Date for submission of Application: as per ITEC division

Course Content (Technical):

This course has two parts:

  1. Lecture series on mechanics, manufacturing, design, and analysis of advanced materials and composites.
  2. Basics of solid mechanics, concepts of isotropy and anisotropy, introduction to advanced composite materials, classification of composites, rule of mixtures, classical lamination plate theory (basic terminology, notations, laminate stresses, laminate strains, coupling, hygrothermal effects), failure criteria (max stress, max strain, more complex criteria, first ply failure, Tsai-Wu, Tsai-Hill, carpet plots, etc.), design philosophies (infinite life, safe life, fail safe, damage tolerant), fatigue of materials (stress life, strain life, damage tolerance approaches), processing of polymer composites (hand layup, hydraulic press, vacuum bagging method, autoclave method, resin transfer molding (RTM), vacuum assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM), etc.), mechanical property characterization of composites (tensile, compressive, fatigue, impact, interlaminar shear strength, etc.), defects and damage in composite materials, “effect of defects” on mechanical performance, non-destructive techniques (ultrasonics, X-ray, etc.)

  3. Practical demonstration on processing of composites, non-destructive testing, and mechanical characterization of composites.

Eligibility Criteria:

i. Participants must belong to one of the ITEC countries.
ii. Participants should have at least a Bachelor’s degree (from a recognized University) in Aerospace, Mechanical, Civil, Materials or Metallurgical Engineering. Master’s degree holders in Physical Sciences can also apply.
iii.Faculty member teaching courses in related area may also apply.
iv. Recent graduates/Fresher’s may also join this introductory course.
v. A Statement of Purpose (One page write-up about research interests and/or research work carried out) must be provided.

All are requested to follow up with the mission with respective country for joining letter and visa.

Link for Online registration : https://www.itecgoi.in/index.php

Instructions to Apply : Click here.                   

Please do the following:
Step 1: go to https://www.itecgoi.in/index.php
Step 2: Courses ---> Training Programs 2018-19 ---> Available Streams (Select)
Step 3: Engineering and Technology (Select)
Step 4: Indian Institute Of Sciences, Bangalore (Select)
Step 5: Read the Course Content
Step 6: Apply (Click)
Step 7: Select your country - Proceed (Click)
Step 8: Fill the Personal Details, Educational Details, Employment Details and Medical Details etc.
Step 9: Submit (Click)
Step 10: Contact to ITEC (High mission in your country for submission of documents such as application form, Passport copy for VISA, certificates etc.)
Step 11: After selection, please report to Department of Aerospace Engineering, IISc Bengaluru, India, on Feb 16, 2019 for the Registration.

All the supports, such as, Travel, Accommodation, Course Fee, Local Tour Costs will be provided by Indian Govt. through Department of Aerospace Engineering, IISc Bengaluru

Once you apply, please go through the Registration Manual and register yourself.

Please send the scanned copy of Registration Form to inup.itec@gmail.com and cc to sansrivastava28@gmail.com

We invite you, therefore, to consider participating in this Special Training Course meant to initiate further collaboration among scientists of the ITEC countries.